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Game of Thrones: On the Throne Podcast

Every "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode researched, explained and expanded upon in an hour or less: That's what we do. On The Throne isn't a recap show, It's a community-fueled rocketship of key information that worships the "Game of Thrones" fan.

Discover each episode's overarching themes, unlock the mysteries of Westeros and join thousands of listeners who've followed us from our hit "Westworld" and "Taboo" podcasts.

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Jun 13, 2019

It's time to put your fingers where your mouth is! More than 100 Shat on TV listeners wrote in their improved versions of "Game of Thrones," and we chose the weirdest, smartest, and most original rewrites for this bonus edition of Shat on TV.

Your wild imaginations brought us everything from George R.R. Martin's cruel childhood to a Hulked-out Tyrion. And more serious topics ranged from Daenerys' possible bipolar disorder to brutal endings for nearly all our characters. What if we had more cliffhangers and a longer season? What if Bran delivered the future to us in the final episode? Or if Dany went full White Walker and Jon Snow still loved her?

Plus, one listener wrote us a letter we couldn't help turning into a song with the help of singer Natalie Ribbons. It's our parting gift after two painfully short seasons of Game of Thrones together. 

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