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Game of Thrones: On the Throne Podcast

Every "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode researched, explained and expanded upon in an hour or less: That's what we do. On The Throne isn't a recap show, It's a community-fueled rocketship of key information that worships the "Game of Thrones" fan.

Discover each episode's overarching themes, unlock the mysteries of Westeros and join thousands of listeners who've followed us from our hit "Westworld" and "Taboo" podcasts.

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Jul 31, 2017

Just when you thought Tyrion had it all figured out, Game of Thrones flips the script and puts nearly all the cards in Cercei's hands. Get immediate reactions to Season 7, Episode 3: "The Queen's Justice," including Jon Snow's landing at Dragonstone, the Lannisters' cunning scheme, and Olenna's badass farewell....

Jul 28, 2017

This week's Game of Thrones viewer mail digs way deep into prophecies. Have we already seen the fabled Lightbringer sword? Is Davos Seaworth the promised one? Where the hell in Bronn? Your Small Council letters also explore who Euron Greyjoy wants as his queen and why Samwell Tarly is so important to the show. And,...

Jul 26, 2017

Give three rabid Game of Thrones fans 24 hours to research Season 7, Episode 2: "Stormborn." Then keep them awake till 2 a.m. before letting them record what they discovered. This Deep Dive is a weird one, and it covers some weird stuff: generational legacies, Daenerys' possible descent into tyranny, changes in the...

Jul 24, 2017

Episode 2 crushed any complaints about Game of Thrones' Season 7 premiere. Questions were answered, hearts were broken, plans were laid out, and Euron did his thing. Before you catch Tuesday's Deep Dive breakdown.

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Jul 21, 2017

Our first listener mail edition for Game of Thrones Season 7 defends the Ed Sheeran cameo, drills into Wun Wun The Wight, predicts Daenerys' death and get truly tinfoil with Time Travelin' Bran Theory. Plus, we debut a new segment called Umm Actually ... where you tell us exactly what we got wrong. Titmouse. 

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