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Game of Thrones: On the Throne Podcast

Every "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode researched, explained and expanded upon in an hour or less: That's what we do. On The Throne isn't a recap show, It's a community-fueled rocketship of key information that worships the "Game of Thrones" fan.

Discover each episode's overarching themes, unlock the mysteries of Westeros and join thousands of listeners who've followed us from our hit "Westworld" and "Taboo" podcasts.

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May 23, 2019

We asked you to withhold judgment until after the Game of Thrones finale. And now that our watch has ended, it's time for the gloves to come off.

This Small Council listener mail edition gets down to the nasty business of assigning blame for a questionable season 8, casting shade on the show runners, George R. R. Martin, and even poor Gene Lyons.

As fans dig into "The Iron Throne," messages pour in to question Bran's legitimacy as king, Jon's right to be alive, the Kingsmoot's entire function, and why HBO's most successful series is ending.

Gene learns an important lesson about the C-word. No, not that one, and Big D guides us through a record number of voicemails.

Have a listen, then join us Tuesday for a Bonus Small Council!

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